Hatch Chili

(Image from last month’s road trip)

For years, as I would walk along Barton Springs Road, every year at this time, Chuy’s would set up a chili roaster, and they would be cooking up fresh, Hatch green chili. Just a big mesh drum with a burner underneath it, the gentle and dulcet aroma of fired green chili wafting on the gentle autumn-like zephyrs.

Further south, the highway to Dripping Springs, there used to be several roadside vendors selling fresh Hatch chili out of the back of trucks.

Already noted in a horoscope, cf., Capricorn, and noted here, as well, just begs the question.

Question begging aside, and source, still not validated, I caught another favorite, massaged, image in the same store, just a few days ago, visible here. Wouldn’t be a big deal, except I’ve never resolved the issue of source of the peppers.

However, I would tend to trust the eyewitness accounts I’ve heard lately. Part of my interest in the area.

What amuses me the most is the big deal made out of a small town.

Mercury is Retrograde –
What you going to do?

The mercurial “Mercury is Retrograde blues” are starting to dominate the headlines. What to do? How to best address this pervasive influence?

Easy: buy the book! (A digital copy is free with paid subscriptions.)

Published source: Available NOW $8.99

EAN-13: 9781449911508

Missing Links:
Something cycled through the old in-box, and I’m on the road and therefore, can’t be bothered trying to locate the original source. However, it was a keyboard and case combination for an iPad. I’m typing this on a MacBook Air that I love dearly for its lightweight and portable horsepower. Good traveling companion. Good library companion, too, but that’s not what this is about.

I only glanced at the keyboard/case for the iPad. Might just be me, but the combination, doesn’t that look just like a laptop?

“plus ça change, plus c’est la méme chose.”

N’est-ce pas?

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