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Bowie Bakery:
Mexican Cinnamon Roll and Mexican Cannoli (via Grace in El Paso) –

Bowie Bakery

Bowie Bakery

“Oh, you’ll love this place, it, there was one, still is, downtown, but this one is closer.”

Mexican pastries differ from regular, or whatever, pastries. Regular or normal for me, might be European, but even then, I’m limited in exposure, just British and French pastries. French, like good croissants, those have been found, like, in the Paris Casino, in Vegas. Got it right. Paris, itself. (Paris, France, obviously.) Scattered other locations, names and places escape my memory, but there’s a way a French butter croissant tastes, can’t be faked, and rarely matched.

So the Mexican pastry is different.

“It’s yellow, isn’t it?”

Sometimes, and sometimes, it’s pink:

pink cake
(Yes, I have book titled after a seminal Latin bakery dish.)

Grace treated us to pastries from the Bowie Bakery, and on warm summer’s morning in El Paso, first a giant cinnamon roll then one of the crusty, sugary, cream-filled “Mexican” cannoli.

There’s a sugar-coated excess, and the bread, like the shell of the cannoli-thing, light and flakey, it crumbled under pressure, in the same vein as the aforementioned French croissants.

Food Shark:
Marfa, TX: The Food Shark jumped to the top of Austin’s “Put a foodie business in an Airstream and call it novel” list of “coolest.” To me, I see the business as a terminally hip roach coach, the ubiquitous taco wagon on wheels.

I’m unsure of the facts, but the TV shows have covered the Food Shark, I think. Means it’s been discovered and for me, becomes passé. Blah.

I skipped it in Marfa. I’m not cool enough to enjoy such culinary treats, not any more. Last time I had Mediterranean food in a trailer was in North Austin, sweltering under the Texas sky.

Another, too cool location in Marfa was the coffee shop – frama – Coffee Shop, (Blue Bell) Ice Cream and Laundromat. Free WiFi.

Excellent coffee, served by a very pregnant Libra who is due with either a Virgo or a Libra.

Really tasty coffee, frothed correctly, and over-all, A-plus coffee rating. Free range coffee beans from a local roaster who is free-trade, shade-grown goodness.

On the counter, over the tubs of ice cream, Cranberry Scones. From the Food Shark. It was, without a doubt, the very best scone I’ve ever tasted. Something wasn’t just done right, it was done real right. Good stuff. Had a second one, it was that good.

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