It’s no news that I’m fascinated, especially as of late, with the intersection of Texas History, church history, and the expansion of the West.

Mission Concepcion, in San Antonio, is one of the oldest, if the not the oldest, continuously operating parishes in the North America, and until recently, little had be done in the way of preservation. Located a few meters south of my “mother of all roads,” Interstate Ten, between Houston and El Paso, it was originally located in deep East Texas and moved to its current location around 1731. My history isn’t exactly accurate some days. But I’m close.

UT – University of Texas, presumably Austin – was doing some archeology of some kind. I saw them peel back some later plaster to reveal the fresco underneath, possibly older than our country. Certainly older than the state, or the Republic of Texas.

Last time I stopped in, the sign out front. Why it’s probably a UT – Austin, who else would share this humor? Or maybe it’s just me…

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