Love among the ruins

The title, if there was one, should be “Love Among the Ruins,” and I’m sure I swiped that from someplace in literature. Maybe pop culture. Perhaps another intersection. Source? I’m unsure.

The image is from the San Jose Mission (complex), one of San Antonio’s, arguably the nicest, of the historical missions, which are part of the National Parks’ jurisdiction. Shared. In part. Something.

The image was on a spring-like afternoon, I’ll guess, judging from the overcast sky, and probably hot out, and I was most likely wearing shorts. None of that is news. The delicate, I-don’t-know-the-biological-name, paper-like, petal-like “flowers” of the Bougainvillea caught my eye, and that’s the source of the image.

Backlit. The first time I saw a backlit flower like that, the first time it captured my imagination; although, I failed to render it in an adequate digital image, was close to Big Bend (THE Big Bend, Rio Grande, TX). Ocotillo, flowering after a freak fall rain, delicate flowers, in a valley, backlit by the mid-morning winter’s sun.

Nowadays, I travel with a camera, or two, and I snap whatever catches my eye, as an exercise. Occasionally, an image like that turns up.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!
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