Mercury Retrograde

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

On my most recent flight back from the UK, the last leg homeward, right near sunset, I could see the planet Mercury, a bright star chasing the setting sun. Might’ve been Venus, but either way, it was one of those two. I know that much. Very effective visual, above the clouds, the sun having just set, the bright spot of light.

We’re still several several weeks away from Mercury Retrograde proper, but there’s no time like the present to shore up the defenses and plan an offense to deal with the littlest planet’s devilish machinations.

It’s a good time, from this point forward, or rather, from Monday-Tuesday of the next week, to start making plans. Alternatives. Plans with contingencies to plan for the plans that fall through. Back-up plans.

I think of a, an, some kind of ADHD scenario. Kid. Adult. Person. Takes a lot to keep that individual occupied, with a high threshold for boredom. I’ll get about three or four maintenance projects launched than I’ll circulate between the project as I encounter obstacles.

Two examples: the way I choose to process images for the two strictly photo web-logs? and my long-term favorite side project, It’s not exactly laborious, but it does take a little time to collate, cull, crop and eventually upload the images.