Sky Friday, via Bexar County Line:
Another image that I just love as it illustrates the learning curve involved.

To me, that image, the moment of creation, was a shed-water event. It was the image, the little point-and-click camera, then looking at the results on the computer, that was the singular moment in time when a simple picture captured so much for me.

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From Paris with Love:
Staring: John Travolta. Other people.

Action. Adventure. Blow stuff up. Gnarly, drug-dealing terrorists graphically killed. Good versus evil. Good wins. Sort. It’s a gray area.

This is an action film with lots of guns, weapons, stuff blowing up, double cross intrigue, but mostly, stuff blowing up. And guns.

There were at least two, maybe more, nods at a previous Travolta film (Pulp Fiction), and that was part of the humor. But mostly it was guns. Lot’s of shooting. I would’ve preferred a few more images of Paris, but as far a the action goes? It was well-executed. Funny enough. Not much plot, just action. And guns.

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Pepper Image:
Just a simple shot of Serrano Peppers in a bin at the grocery store.

Full confession, I feel odd, first of all I am a bit of ethnic minority, not that standing out has ever bothered me, and secondly, armed with a phone camera, or a cheap point-and-click digital camera, I feel like that “weird guy, what’s he doing?”

Wouldn’t stop me. I will not be dissuaded, although, grocery shopping as a group endeavor is severely limited by my antics. Curiosity, really. The peppers themselves, there always seems to be something that catches my eye. Shape, color, the harsh overhead lights and how the peppers glow.

Could just be me.

It’s been a long while since I’ve found the bin like that, a few ripe/unripe Serrano peppers to set the scene. I’d long for better equipment but that would spoil the moment of the image.

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