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I’ve written about this before, but it popped up again, what I do with my simple side-project: it’s an outlet. I started with such a huge backlog of images, and not all of the pictures are good, which is part of the point. Why I don’t do daily horoscopes, too.

With a photo-blog, the professional people have these slick sites with well-framed , cropped, edited, color-balanced images. Maybe a few, and the high-resolution version is generally available (should be Print-On-Demand) for a fee. Can get pricey.

Going over old material, so it would seem. It’s that trying to get a handle – name it, claim it – type of situation.

Not every image is good.

It’s been years, either my help file or general demeanor has broken anyone from asking for a daily horoscope from me, and that was kind of what the images were a about and what prompted the rumination.

Here’s one of the first, the “Do not lean on glass” picture. In the reflection, there’s a shadow image of me, shorts, sandals, Hawaiian shirt, and iced coffee. Kind of what it’s all about.

Vincint qui primum gerit:
Another round – Mornington Crescent.

Chopped, pitted dates. Not exactly the image, and misread the text, I thought it was pithed dates.

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