Dual Image Links

The earlier link is this one and before going any farther, it bears comparison to the current sidebar signature displayed here, hint, it’s the same source. I think. Looks to be about the same.

Then, just for a quick before and after image, there’s this image. Same structure, same icon, new location on the old building.

Amazing what a simple fresh coat of paint can do.

The image itself, that clown is a visual staple on South Flores, in San Antonio, just a few hundred meters south of down town. I’d like to think of it as the beginning of the South Side.

Graphically, it’s been an engaging piece of work, first on one side of the building, then relocated to the other side, still flanking the entrance. I’ll have to suppose that the place supplies party material to a town that loves to party. Rodeo starts in February, then it’s, in no particular order, Fiesta, NIOSA, Spring Break, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and Juneteenth. I’m missing something.

Up close, there’s evidence that the clown once had neon, and there’s further indication that it was all animated, again, a lost clue. It’s sad but cheery.

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