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Stinking Bishop

I’ve been in series of business meetings. Far and away, the meeting I enjoyed the most – many people would guess it was the brace of English women – but no, the Irish guy. He’s local for the business, but listening to his Irish lilt, soft-spoken, it was perfect. The accent, the pronunciation, the shortened, clipped in places, pattern. Soft, lilting. Just brilliant.

I’ve never heard a perfect Irish accent before. Heard the language, the delivery, truncated and elongated. The pacing. Different. Not quite are rough-shod as the cockney accent. Just lovely.

Little Absurdities:
It’s the little things. Like this. Makes it all worth while.

Then there’s the deal with the game, Mornington Crescent. What makes this even better, as games go, I learned about it first from some throw-away British humor Science Fiction that’s not really science, nor is it fiction, but rather just a load of running gags, fun and games, and essential surreal material.

Mornington Crescent

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