Sky Friday Five


Not the same reel, but close enough, an old cell phone image, barely a year and a half old, resurrected.


Friday Five:
For the new year? Quick recap of a year that some folks would rather forget?

5. Not one but two new books in print, San Pedro Creek and my new favorite text, the Portable Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde gets unfair representation, and that text is an attempt to correct the mythology.

San Pedro Creek is an expensive paperback because I included some Bexar County Line (dot com) high-def images. Apparently, printing pictures is expensive on paper. Not so much on the web.

4. Summer in Santa Fe. Culled much material. Much material. Was only there a week.

3. 2012: Myth? Good premise for a movie, but the facts just don’t add up.

2. Scale & Sustainability (design issues 1).

1. The Switch. Here. Here. Here. And here.

Finally? Here.

Post Script: How to write horoscopes.

Post Post Script: Toys for the iPhone/iPod camera, like Zoom, Camera Bag and others.

Honorable Mention: This image. Looking at that street corner makes the image more poignant since that sign is now rent asunder.

Nota Bene: Released the first video workshop.

Ready for the new year?
Three options come to mind:
1) books are always good…
2) video…
3) Readings & Astrology Chart Reports (on sale now)…

El Hermano Grande:
Is your eBook reader spying on you?

Hint: not me.

New Year’s Eve, I woke up and checked the phone for the time/temp. Like, before sun up? It was barely above freezing, with, I’m sure, freezing temperatures up in the hills west of here.

Made my appointed rounds, as was necessary, and started to shed clothing. Heater on in the morning, and for the briefest moment, had to have the AC in the afternoon.

Happy 2010!

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