The image itself, a copy showed up as a biographical image as a corner rotator. The shot, it’s me, beside an entrance to a trailer park in South Austin, like that’s news, and no, I never lived in that one, besides, that place is a hole ground now, right? Or a high-rise, what with the ever changing scenery of South Austin, all hip, slick and cool these days.

The short, the sandals, places this particular image around the mid-aughts, 2002, 05, sometimes in there. Best guess, anyway.

The sunglasses are a style I learned to love. Polarized, cheap, imitation aviators. Polarized for fishing, and cheap, because I’m just hard on equipment. Always losing the glasses, or sitting on them, or any other natural disasters that can occur to hardware.

Pretty clear that the sandals are Piper’s, makes the date of the image a little easier, as does the shirt. Hair’s damp from swimming in Barton Creek.

The sign says, “10 MPH.” Slow down. Not so much the speed bumps, not really, not so much the sparse pavement, not really, not so much the close quarters, not really, it’s more about the idea of going slower.


In fast paced world, a private drive, a place to retreat for a few minutes, that’s the concept.

Mercury Retrograde Spray:
One of the ads running last week, it was for, I can’t make this up, “Mercury Retrograde Spray.”

I have a better solution, but by all means, give the spray a chance. My solution? Portable Mercury Retrograde book or eBook.

Happy New Year:
From the comics.

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