Official Linking Policy

The official policy, as noted in the fine print, the official, company policy?

Right. There isn’t a policy.

I was considering that notion when I was building a link into a future horoscope, I suppose I should address the site I was linking to, I guess I should call it a client site. So far, I’ve made less than $10 off that one e-mail address. Doesn’t matter. Bought one virtual item from me. Not an issue. I appreciate the business. Every little bit helps.

What I was considering, though, a link back from me retails at $20 per month, and I tend to leave those links hanging for a while. Or even, in a lot of cases, leave the links in permanently, buried in a horoscopes, years gone by.

However, what I was linking to, the client site, it was a – it is – sort of – kind of – the site, the concept intrigues me. It’s a weird idea. Which is also why I don’t have an official linking policy. Some links, like to Amazon, are clearly commercial. Although, to me, the amazon links can be useful, too. That’s almost my default for reference these days.

Or if I’m selling something, I think that should be quite clear, whether it’s my instructional (digital) video ( or a 6-Dollar-Site (see note below).

So the link to the client site is worth more than I’ve been paid, and drawing a conclusion from the obvious spending patterns, more than I’ll probably ever make. The converse side of the situation, the other hand, the flip side of that coin, the client’s site is amusing (to me).

There are rules, suggestions, ideas, guidelines and any number of experts with advice, suggestions and concepts to follow. Around here, about the only hard and fast rules are the publication schedule and I put in the the things that I like.

It has to amuse me.

The exact same 6-Dollar-Site is on sale here for $4.

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