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El Paso, soon.

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Down towards the bottom of the books-in-print page, there’s a link for the latest, 2009, the complete columns, in eBook (PDF) format. 139,000 words, 558 pages. One year’s work, encapsulated.

The thinking, it’s along the line of the Grateful Dead, or from more recent memory, Hank III, as they are artists who encourage dissemination of old works. “Taper friendly,” was the word on the street, well, at one time. Does anyone still use tapes?

As I have a strict policy of “no repeats,” anyone is free to verify that, the archives are always open.

I’m really losing money on that electronic publication. The ISBN is from a block I bought when I was first toying with self-publication. Legal and all that, just not as widely used as once before. Blocks of ten numbers cost $200 at the time. So there’s a $20 investment in making the column’s end-of-the-year publication all legal and stuff.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!

Two Meat Tuesday (the book)
(cure for the common horoscope)
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