I was searching for a a favorite image of a coffee cup, or just a good image of one of those paper cups of coffee, the kind of coffee that costs about three buck, maybe more? Couldn’t find it.

The digital archive did cough up a familiar image of Big Ben. On a cloudy day. No idea when it was, I take that back, I do have an idea of when it was, but the details seem irrelevant at this moment. I just wanted a Friday placeholder, and Big Ben is as good as any. Reminds of winter nights, and cold, damp weather.

I’m pretty sure it’s a cropped photo, and the raw footage was shot just emerging from the sub station (Westminster) across the street from the Houses of Parliament. That’s a guess with no further digging and rummaging.

Very unrelated:
Special note to Sister:
That phone ring tone you heard and liked? It’s here: “loonring.”

Notes on usage: import mp3 file into iTunes then fiddle to make it the phone ring on your iPhone.

You can figure it out.

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  • Ralph Dec 4, 2009 @ 9:53

    We expect gray skies over London, and often. Yet the spire of Big Ben, although gray also, the clock tower aims high into heaven. A natural and impressive look. Cropped or not…

  • Sarah Dec 4, 2009 @ 10:52

    Now I understand why they are called “loons”.

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