Two-Meat Tuesday

The back-end:
Here’s a quick tour of what the upcoming scopes will horoscopes will look like. The motor, it’s been driving this ( site for a couple of years, stood up well in field trials.

The publication schedule stays pretty much the same, with the weekly video being posted on Monday, the podcast derived from that video posted on Tuesday (free), and the paid-subscription scopes going up sometime Wednesday night. I haven’t picked a time, but I’m thinking Ten-ish PM Wednesday night.

That’s a Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday schedule for the horoscope production line, with, really, a Thursday publication date. The scopes are scripted from charts drawn from Thursday 12:01 AM to Wednesday 11:59 PM (Central).

Plus: paid subscribers can pick up the feed in their favorite feeder reader. In testing, it usually picks up the feed within half an hour of publication. Bonus.

The way this works: on the last day of 2009, I’ll push the button and swap out the files. While the system is essentially, in place, nothing changes until then. The final scope dated 12/31/2009 will be in the new format. Given that Mercury and Mars will be retrograde at that time? There will be issues.

Important Introductions:
Oracular Astrology @

Clarity @

As always, Open Daily.

Should disaster occur, e-mail me immediately.

Got the T-shirt?
The idea, or a similar one, came up over dinner the other afternoon. Looks like I’ve been beaten, but here it is: Sitar Hero!

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I was ordering pies for the family meals, holiday style. Pecan Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Apple &c. Easier to order than bake.

The little old lady behind the counter at the pie shop explained, “Expect lines on Thursday when you come to pick this up.”

I looked at her.

“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?”

She froze, grinned, laughed. Giggled some more.

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  • Sarah Dec 22, 2009 @ 9:34

    ‘sokay…we understand about Mercury RX, y’know. Just “stuff” to deal with, get straightened out. Suggest you be careful with the “goezintas” and the “comezouta” plugs/sockets.

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