Lambert’s of Austin

Nice place, good friend took me. Couldn’t afford a place like that, otherwise. Might could afford it, but the it’s one of them places with five star prices. Food’s really good, too.

The places boasts about BBQ, and the perfect Sagittarius waitress suggested one of the steaks. Of all the places I’ve ever had fried okra, sort of a litmus test of southern cuisine, Lambert’s is up there. Best ever was a steak house on the old Jacksboro Highway, west of Ft. Worth, Williamson Steak House, as I recall. Funny, that was a Sagittarius waitress, too. The other place, in Austin, of course, I named a book for their Tuesday special.

Lambert’s had side dishes at $6 a pop, and I was discussing this point earlier, as an adult, I never have to have cauliflower, broccoli, or, the worst offender, Brussels sprouts, ever again. A previous point, both in a horoscope and the blog, anything with garlic and butter tastes better. So one of the cabbages was treated like that, and the Brussels sprouts were done with bacon and something.

The meats were uniformly good, as were the appetizers. Broiled oysters, a rack of wild boar ribs with a reduced fennel sauce, one of those places that just could be foodie heaven. The hangar steak I had was perfect, seared and tender.

The aforementioned okra was cut lengthwise and battered with a corn meal. Just very good. I’m sure the exotic sauce helped.

The scallops, over – or under – pumpkin pesto with red chile flakes? Got a nod of approval. Tender brisket properly smoked with oak, tends to run a little cool for my personal taste, as I prefer mesquite for BBQ, but that’s a personal taste, the meat was properly prepared.

Way out of my price range these days, but I’m notorious illegitimate reprobate in that way. The Sagittarius just kind of topped the whole deal, good, but with that characteristic Sag honesty, “The Mac & Cheese is really, really good, but I work here, and I can’t eat it again.” Three cheeses including goat cheese, sounded good.

Home made moon pie for desert. Split, of course, with homemade marsh mellow, chocolate and caramel. Very good.

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