Flood Control

The image itself is from the flood control phase of the San Antonio River. Part of their nascent “river walk improvement” going on.

The color of the image itself, though, that’s part of what matters. Image is from last summer, or maybe this fall, or the spring. The sepia tones are omnipresent in my landscape. In part, this is owing to a personal heritage and history, spent many long years in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Back and forth across the ochre-dust countryside, the red rock of Northern AZ washed out to the yellow light in Southern New Mexico, and ground to halt with granite, limestone and teal waters in Central Texas. Last two years been a drought. Means it was that dusty, yellow sandy texture and color, the sepia tones, to what seemed like everything. Less filter, more yellow sunlight, especially last summer.

The sepia tones seep into everything. Doesn’t take much imagination to play with that theme.

Winter news – Ice Fishing (I think it’s clearly insane).

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