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About a year ago, maybe just a little longer, I hit on this great idea, publish the scopes as web-journal kramerwetzel.com material. I like the current software “motor” running the back-end of this web-journal. It hits Twitter, FB, and various feeds.

Previously, the horoscopes were delivered via a simple yet complex and arcane process. I’m always looking for a simpler, easier way to make this work. Less overhead for me means more time spent doing the important stuff like studying stars and people.

Getting closer and closer, and the planets are conspiring to make this an uneasy transition, however, by now, almost all the regular subscribers are updated, and all I have to do is change one little file, and the website goes live with its new look.

Personally, I’m kind of excited.

Field trials, the aforementioned scopes in the blog, and some other tasty tricks make this look like an excellent decision.

Fewer files, fewer steps, fewer levels of complexity? Less room for error.

Previously, I mentioned the raging internal debate about the signs as a single column, all 12 signs of the zodiac, or just as a single sign in its own container. While that doubles, triples the page views, it also creates a level of complexity that I opt not to bare. Bear. (Bexar)

The current test platform shows the software capable of withstanding over a hundred users online at once (record is 147 so far) and the scopes themselves rarely see more than 40 or 50 at a given time, so that should be well within defined limits. In other words: shouldn’t hammer the hardware too much.

I figured this would be the proper route, eventually, but I didn’t manage to pull all the pieces together until this fall. The parts are starting to get organized, I hope.

The previous organizational process, I have almost two decades of horoscopes, the double-aughts, and the fin de siecle. By the time I was working on the double-oughts, I had a clear image of what I needed to do in order to keep the material in coherent file structure for the website. How to keep it organized and accessible, built in index. I think of it like a Table of Contents. Gives away my background, huh.

There comes a point of pride, as well, as in some of my original code, fragments of ASCII text, are still present from the original site I hammered together, back in East Austin, back when it was a bad neighborhood, and I was a solitary weird white guy.

Way I see it, the foundation it’s a mountain of out-of-date, or at the very best, really dated HTML code, with my text literally sandwiched in between. Old stuff, and the new stuff?

The new version is the most fully-realized dream I’ve seen on screen. Perfect. More than I could have ever hoped for. Almost two full decades in the process, too.

What’s the rush?

The “experimental” part includes a couple of detours. Like the online (kramerwetzel.com) journal, the video segment, the derivative podcast, and so forth. Almost too much to list.

Regular subscribers: if there is any problem with access, e-mail me.

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