The 700 (something)

The title for the post is derived from the semi-random serial number assigned to the titles of the side-project’s daily chaos.

Some days, some moments in time, there are those little magical instances where even a cell phone camera is adequate to capture the humor. There are three shots, three digital images out of a group of close to a dozen. Two are lame attempts at close-ups, and will just have to do for now.

Let me break it on down: VW Super Beetle. Monster mud tires, stinger exhaust, probably pretty loud, but even with a big-bore kit, the engine won’t displace much more than 2 liters. For a motor size? That’s about the same size as the gas motor in a hybrid, smaller than some big motorcycles.

Much of the beetle’s interior looked reasonably stock. Motor had a stinger and a big carb on it, and on the air filter housing, almost the only chrome, a Robert Earl Keen sticker.

The red, dark blue, light blue logo on the back window is BMW Motorsports-type of design, not sure if it’s a knock-off, parody, or real thing. Front and rear fenders were probably replaced with fiberglass, cut-down, “baja bug” modified designs. The paint looked like it was done with a spray can. The front had “nerf bar” fenders, and the rear guard looked like solid, inch-diameter tubing. Good for keeping large objects away from the motor.

The second thumbnail, I’m unsure how clear any of the images will be, should show the details of the bumper sticker.

“my carbon footprint is bigger than yours.”

I maintain, here in Texas, we have a proper sense of the absurd. The weird, the outlandish, Austin’s made a Chamber of Commerce Campaign out it, “Keep Austin Weird.” However, note the location, the deal with the side project? All images must be taken within the circumference of the Bexar County Line.

The carbon footprint of that bug, might be larger than any of the familial hybrids. Not bigger than my last truck. Bug would’ve fit, literally, in the bed of the last truck. Nope, not a bigger carbon footprint. Irony, sarcasm, or just confused?< BCL and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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  • Sarah Sep 7, 2009 @ 11:47

    I take it as a knock-off on the usual testosterone-filled pissing contest guys — some guys — seem to feel necessary for their continued existence. Funny, though, in a backhanded kind of way. Would fit right in here in southern California, and not even be particularly noticed. We are so backward, though as opposites attract, there is a large community of compulsive small carbon footprint believers, who eye each other for backsliding all the time. Tiresome.

  • Sarah Sep 7, 2009 @ 11:48

    If my language isn’t prissy enough, I can bowlderize next time….

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