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Wedding video.

(What were you thinking?)

Media Notes:
The problem with traditional media? I bought 4-5 back page spots in the SA Current to advertise the upcoming workshop. The ads were staged, “Coming Soon,” then “July 28, 6:30 PM.” Then, the last ad? It was supposed to have all the details, like time, place, address? Didn’t run.

It was carefully staged. Well-designed. Ad rep? Personally, I think someone at the Current vehemently dislikes astrofish.net, BexarCountyLine.com, or the forward-thinking C4Workspace, which is located at 108 King William. In San Antonio. Just around the corner from “world famous” El Mirador. Or my suggestion? The (Texaco) Filling Station. Down the street from Rosario’s and Tito’s – two more “world class” taco joints, according to the liberal Austin media (Texas Monthly).

The problem is the print media and this illustrates the issue. The Current is exactly the kind of “alternative” press that should support people like me. That was a costly mistake.

No wonder no one trusts media any more.

Questions are always free, some answers require a cash deposit. The e-mail line is always on, “31” (24 and 7).

“James Bond.”
The National Geographic/History/Smithsonian channel had special on the making of James Bond. The background and likely sources for characters and so on.

In six weeks, according to the educational TV (oxymoron) show, 2K words a day, in three hours, typing with three fingers…

Too bad I don’t write spy thrillers.

Free Astrology/astrofish.net workshop:
One night only, in old San Antonio:
Lecture/Workshop —
Astrology/astrofish.net Chalk Talk
at C4Workspace
108 King William
San Antonio, TX 78204
Plenty of free parking!
RSVP, seating is limited.

High Tea.

Sky Friday (redux):
Perpetual tourist thing, Cactus Hot.

Back in Houston:
I still love that paper.

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