Here’s one I lament, with heavy heart. It should’ve been a proper Sky Friday entry, or, at the very least, one of the flower shots. Alas, its day rolled up at the wrong time, came and went without so much notice. I liked. A small suburb near downtown. Looking up, the brilliant purple Bougainvillaea, a few with petals scattered in and the higher up yellow bell flowers. All set against a fleecy cloud. Be nice if the clouds dropped some water.

That portion of Texas? The part that sticks down? The bottom of Texas? Drought-stricken.

The image, the shot? Fished a camera out of my pocket, rolled it straight up and clicked a half-dozen times. One image made the cut.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!
Two Meat Tuesday (the book)
(cure for the common horoscope)
Pink Cake A commonplace book.
Bexar County Line

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