But first!

It’s a note about an image. I know, I should just let the image itself carry the weight of its intended message, but shooting it down to web size, the picture might’ve lost some of its resolution and focus.

It’s a Yellow-Crested Night Heron in the middle of the day, alongside the river walk in San Antonio. Tourist shot, only, that was one I couldn’t make up if I tried.

In the beak? Literally, wrapped around its beak? Water snake. Tiny, non-threatening water snake. Snake is also good medicine for me, as totem animal. Very powerful, too.

The image? The snake was firmly in the grasp of the bird’s beak but the bird couldn’t open his beak any further. A seriously no win situation. Dinner was fighting back. Lunch.

I don’t know what happened, but I’ve frequently seen the herons around, so I’m guessing the bird eventually won. But not without a good fight.


Yellow -Crowned- Night Heron. My bad.

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