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There is, located in San Antonio, a local grocery store chain named H-E-B. Henry E. Butts, being the founder’s name, or so I’ve been told. Not a lot of fact checking in this minor tale. The corporate headquarters are located in a historic, former national armory, across the river from the HEB mansion, which it is rumored, has a tunnel, leading to the late boss’s office. He could go that office by walking through a tunnel, under the river.

Just a bit of San Antonio’s architectural lore. Here’s some more. Supposedly, the grocery store chain has acquired a group of buildings for further expansion. Including that one in the photo, the old Root Candle Company HQ.

That one shot, that single image is the result of several days of hot work, and frankly, I’m not pleased, but it’s a matter of that’s the best I could grab in my limited window. It was also supposed to be a Sky Friday image but never made that, either.

Failed? Oh hardly. Just not as successful at capturing whatever it was that I saw in the cloudless afternoon, headed south on Flores Street. It’s an example of the mental image being better – more evocative – than the captured picture.

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  • Sarah Jul 1, 2009 @ 17:50

    Sometimes I see things in mind’s eye–or, more properly, memory’s eye–that I wish I could somehow transfer to storage data form that I could share with others, lock down in objective reality, instead of my inner reality. The afternoons on the farm front lawn, sewing curtain hems and listening to baseball on the radio…the time the horse came into the kitchen while I was running the wringer washer…the cat on the roof, looking like a miniature elf….

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