At lunch

In Santa Fe, with my mother. I took a picture of the dessert and emailed to my sister. My mother watched while I performed the whole operation with one hand, “How do you do it?”

(click for larger image)

“All in the thumb,” I explained, “makes it easier to do while driving. You do know, in New Mexico, it’s illegal to talk on a phone while driving?”

“Oh, I know,” my mother replied, “that’s why I was texting.”

Further along:
The lady next to us, an Aquarius, was commenting on her pastor who did services in both English and Spanish.

“German, use German to give a command. English is for business, and French is to make love. But if you want to talk to god? Spanish.”

That dessert? I had less than a single bite, just a little of the sauce. Just not a chocolate fan.

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