Impress the girls

Couldn’t help but think of lyrics from a Lyle Lovett song, “The sun comes up in a coffee cup…”

Rats. Couldn’t find a video.

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    What Impresses Women:
    Should be part of a series.

    “Each passenger is allowed one carry-on, and one personal item.”

    “Everything bears fruit; man, gods, the whole universe, each in its proper season. No matter that the phrase is restricted in common use t o vine and such like. Reason, too, yields fruit, both for itself and for the world; since from it comes a harvest of other good things, themselves all bearing the stamp of reason.”

    Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book IX, verse 10.

    Shout out:

    Shoot out:
    Took time out Friday to pursue a relatively native pastime, plunking in the desert. To be honest? We weren’t in Texas. I ran a few rounds through a “Dirty Harry,” got and finally fired a 40. The little nine, I wasn’t paying attention, it was almost too small and the slide clipped a nail. Went through a half dozen targets, and the results are visible.


    “Grace, you got some ear plugs or mickey mouse ears?”


    “You’re sitting next to me, all weekend. If I’m deaf, I’ll be yelling, ‘What your birthday!'”

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    • Sarah Jun 7, 2009 @ 8:31

      I keep telling men and they never get it: what impresses women is
      wit (humor)
      empathy (on my list, long before it became fashionable)

      Money? No. Flashy car? Definitely not. Power? Couldn’t give a rat’s ass.

      Seems pretty straightforward to me. Life’s message: sit down, shut up, and hang on for the ride.

      (must be Jupiter in Gemini talking)

    • El Muchacho Alegre Jun 7, 2009 @ 8:42

      Reminds me of the key ring for a buddy’s boat, “Sit down, shut up and hang on!”

      Lyle again.

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