Two-Meat Tuesday

Two-Meat Tuesday
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Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!
Two Meat Tuesday (the book)
(cure for the common horoscope)
Pink Cake A commonplace book.
Bexar County Line

Curiously unrelated:
Why haven’t more “web log writers” and assorted online diarists discovered Pepys?

Samuel Pepys.

Annals of Human Behavior:
As I understand it, the “Cognitive psychologist have discovered that there’s a (tenuous) link between attentional improvement and creativity.” The findings, again, how I read the works, the better one is at not being distracted, the less creative.

What was the topic?

Why I am a writer and not a painter, reason 413. Passed a familiar building and atop that one building, it’s a low-rise office building, maybe a hundred years old, but on on top? There’s a statue. I’d guess full-sized figure. The other evening, in the twilights, as I was making my way home, a single blackbird was posed on the statue’s head. I tried to get a cell phone picture. Didn’t work.

Favorite Images:
While it’s a recycled image, that doesn’t alter its poignancy or power (to me). Setting: cloudy spring day, Lake Calaveras, in Bexar County, part of the SARA system. The city park there.

Are you asking:

When will I find someone special?
Should I find another job?
Why is my life so challenging?
And when will these changes end?

A personal consultation with Kramer an help, phone or in person.

Frank talk about sex and the orgasm. (Safe for work, or not, depends.)

Inbound mail:
|> I just finished watching your half hour video,
|> Kramer’s Quick Tour
|>Through the Signs
|>You come across very well. But, then,
|>you’re a Sagittarian, so what
|>else did I expect?
|>I enjoyed it, just watching how you
|> blended astro stuff with personal
|>commentary with audience interaction.
|> Nice job.

That video? It’s here.

Grand Slam:
A Texas Grand Slam isn’t a special at the coffee shop. The term refers to taking a Flounder, a Speckled (sea) Trout and Red Fish, all in one day. Add some Black Drum and the odd Sheepshead.

The flounder wasn’t a keeper, though. Pinch the tail together and stretch the little feller and it looked like he was long enough, but only barely. Tossed him back, told him to, “Grow up.”

Pringles: perfect beach food. Salty, comes in a can, servings per container? According to the label? Six serving per canister. On a hot memorial day afternoon in Port A? Servings per can? One. Should be a warning label that’s more realistic.

I forgot, there was new brand, “Extreme Pringles.”

Really? I should be labeled, “Extreme Horosopes.”

Picked up some live shrimp, put them in the bait bucket, fished off the jetty for a little while. Me and enough people to make the place look like, “Wal-Mart parking lot.”

One more fish image, action style.

At Sips Coffee Shop, Port A, “It’s only me and a thirteen year old so you’ll have to be patient.” (Capricorn mom.)

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  • ssmith04 May 26, 2009 @ 11:47

    Nice picture. Just you and the boat and the water and the fish. Oops forgot the person taking the photo.

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