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Cactus Hotel, S. Flores, Bexar County
Sky Friday

Back Story:
The “Cactus Hotel” in San Antonio, is part of the Kallison Block, literally, across the street from the courthouse. There are several imminently “cool” features to the building. I hope this isn’t lost.

At the southern end of the block, there’s the signage and the statue. I grab pictures whenever I pass by, the statue is a cowboy. The sign under it? Says, “Kallison’s Western Wear 1899.” Was a lawyer office for while. Might still be.

There was, briefly, a true inner-city oasis, along the lines of bliss, as far as I’m concerned: a coffee shop. Not the usual kind, like a chain, but a place that wasn’t much more than a few tables and a counter with an espresso machine. Sadly, the place didn’t stay there long. What made that so very urbane and ultra-cool was how that little coffee stop felt like a true, inner-city espresso bar. The kind where bike messengers would hang out between radio calls for express document delivery since a bicycle messenger is not only faster but infinitely cooler than anything else. Not much call for either in Alamo City.

However, there are two restaurants, maybe three, can’t say, got pictures but not much else. Haven’t made it in to any of the places. Look like my kind dining, just been too occupied.

There was, for years, by the looks of the place, a pawn shop that anchored the building and its tenants. Northern end, one of those cool front doors that clips across the corner. Gone, now.

The Cactus Hotel, it has such possibilities. Haven’t been able to dig up much history, yet. Part of the problem – my problem – is just being a tourist, too.