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Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

My Mercury’s in retrograde…
How heinous will this Mercury in Retrograde be? All depends.
May 7 – 13, in Gemini, the rest of the time in Taurus.

No complaints! You were warned last year!

So how bad will it be? I thought of a perfect example. Hurricane season is next month, although, typically, we won’t see any strong Gulf Coast action until late July? It starts at the end of June. I have a hurricane kit, now. In the closet. Two cases of water, granola bars, pop-tarts, beef jerky and Slim Jim’s. Flashlights, space blankets, extra batteries, and other survival items.

The point, I’m sure I’ve used this in a horoscope before, but the price of that case of water. I bought it before the onset of danger. 30 bottles, cost less than four bucks. However, at the same warehouse store, when the hurricane season ramped up? When it looked like there might be a threat of a storm blowing inland? The price of that case of water more than doubled.

Sold out. Along with pop-tarts, Slim Jim’s, beef jerky, batteries, generators, and so forth. This far inland? I need enough for a day or three, at the very worst. I still recall harrowing tales of destruction and mayhem from “Carla,” when she hit Austin. Back in the day. Planes at the air base there (now the airport), inverted and smashed like kindling.

If you’re ready – you did get an advance warning – this won’t be too bad at all. I don’t mind having a few extra cases of bottled water that cost three dollars. I do mind having to pay eight or ten dollars for the damn stuff. That’s just wrong. Or, really it’s economics. God bless free markets and price gouging the retail customer in times of worry.

Ready for it? Not a problem. You’re like me, you bought that “emergency stuff” when it was cheap. We’re set. Didn’t pay attention? Or didn’t pay me? Going to be a long, expensive Mercury Retrograde pattern. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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  • ssmith04 May 8, 2009 @ 10:15

    Yes, indeed, gonna hunker down and wait it out, as much as possible. With heavy, slow planets in Gemini and Taurus both, I know all about being circumspect during this Mercury retro. Now, knowing is one thing, and doing it is another. Tact and circumspection not one of Sag’s strongest points, ya know. Inventory: water, check. jerky, check. granola bars, check. book to read, check. flashlight, check. batteries, check. tact…damn, where is the tact? not for sale anywhere, at any price!

  • Kramer May 8, 2009 @ 10:30

    I understand some places rent it.

    Just what I’ve heard.

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