Mercury Messages

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

Mercury messes:
Girlfriend e-mailed, set up a lunch date. No big deal. I mean, nice looking lass, hot, and all that, but yeah, just lunch. Time was set for 11:30, place was set, Tex-Mex.

Quelle surprise, non?

“Pick me up?”

“Yeah, I’ll meet you there?”

“Sounds good.”

At 11:30 I was dressed and waiting. Ten minutes later, I get a text, “Where R U?”

Waiting on you to get me.

“Thought you’d meet us here.”

The Mercury message? Is it worth arguing that I was, indeed, correct, and that the “paper trail” bore out my agreed upon arrangements and that I was, indeed, due for a ride.

The question isn’t whether or not I was right, which I was, but whether I wanted to argue and be right? And walk home. Alone. In the cold. Or?

“OK Mr. Smart Guy, is it Mercury Retrograde?”

Yeah I’ll call it that.

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