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Sulphur Creek
Brush Pen Hollow
Gamble Gulley
Mustang Creek (think there’s a few of these)
Choke Canyon
Lake Corpus Christi
Labonte Park
Rio Grande Valley – Next Right
Corn Products Road
Valero Way
Southern Minerals Road
Carbon Plant Road

Interstate 37 is a stub of freeway branching off from San Antonio, and dropping south east to Corpus Christi. Just always wanted to make poetry out of the names, coming into Corpus. It’s like, there’s no where else left to run. Have to keep going until the bay’s edge, or beach alongside the Gulf, grow some gills.

But first!
Subtitle: why I love Houston…

San Angelo mayor resigns in shame.

I don’t think it’s shameful to be conservative. Heck, some conservative opinions make good sense. Certainly nothing wrong with gay. Nothing wrong with tackling the immigration issue. All three? In a small, rather provincial West Texas town?

What can be expected from a town where a whorehouse is now a venerated museum. Miss Hattie’s. Tell her Bubba sent you. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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