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Mercury Mayhem & School Kids:
Another Mercury Retrograde pattern emerged, as I was watching a teacher herd school kids along. Kids were somewhere between four and seven years old, be my guess. I can’t get any more accurate than that because I have zero hands-on-experience with kiddies, other than the adult form. Adult Children? Yeah, and there’s not much difference, except size.

Which was part of the point. So the adults and adult children can work from this. It was about the way the teacher was herding. The long line of children, snaked along, in a fairly orderly row, the children meandering a bit, but to keep order? The teacher had to cover three times as much ground. Front, back, lead the front again keep the kids pointed in the right direction, and I got wore out just watching. Easily took three times as long to march the kids from one point to another. Which speaks highly for the form of marching in formation rather than wandering willy-nilly, like me. Worse when I’m trying to transcribe notes on the phone and walk.

Green Mesquite:
The location, from whence the name was derived.

Pork ribs, even a few days old? Even with the delicious grease congealed on the ribs, making them impossible to eat with typing? Still good.

“Horrifying vegetarians since 1988,” like the T-shirt says.

Number 11? Toilet seats.

More Vegan Horror:
Thank the odd gods for the Houston Press.

Just Camp:
“I have come here to chew bubble gum and and kick…”

Too Much Manipulation:
Perfect examples of excessive digital darkroom.

Which is why I just post what I got.

The guidelines are simple, for real and for the side project: point and click. No time – no patience – for messing with images. Spit, shoot, post. One of the early weblogs, seminal in its structure, the tag line was “Spit and post.”

I’m sure that, or something similar, can be said about me.

(More) Odd Bits:
Why I don’t broadcast in high def.

Not destined for a life of crime.

Only natrually follows.

Mercury Backwards in Taurus:
Went to Maudie’s Too, South Lamar. Old haunt, new crew. Sunday morning. Waitress was a Taurus, ordered us up some “Migas with Chipotle Shrimp.” Sounded really good. Got delivered a platter full of regular migas, Sent it back, got the usual.

I am so sorry, I couldn’t read my own hand writing.

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  • ssmith04 May 18, 2009 @ 9:45

    I first learned about migajas in Spain and I haven’t been able to eat it since, even though I know that there are other ingrediants less disgusting:

    “In Andalucia migas are often eaten the morning of the matanza (butchery) and are served with a stew including curdled blood, liver, kidneys and offal, traditionally eaten right after butchering a pig, a sheep or a goat. The migas are often cooked over an open stove or coals.”

    I may be a carnivorous omnivore, but I draw the line at this one.

  • Kramer May 18, 2009 @ 15:10

    locally, it’s just eggs, chips and other stuff. not that offal.

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