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The debate about immigration issues rages on. I’m not taking a side as I don’t have all the facts. I do tire endlessly of the posturing by either side, pro or con, when not all the facts are used. Right wing or Leftist liberal, doesn’t much matter, typically, neither side deals openly and honestly. I’m just suggesting moderation and personal fact-checking. Can’t always believe what’s on the inter-web. “I read it on a web page” doesn’t constitute research.

Are you an American (citizen)?
Either side, doesn’t much matter, either side would benefit from my most recent observation of civic duty. I went to a swearing in ceremony. 200-plus non-natives became citizens. For a dull ceremony it was quite moving. Some kind of Army brass band was playing ceremonial tunes. Carry a weapon and an instrument. Band was locked in the pocket. The ceremony itself was short, as immigrants from several dozen countries were recognized, with about an eighth from India and a little less than a third from Mexico.

The federal judge doing the swearing in, his short preface included that his parents were from humble origins near Monterrey (Mexico), and that between him and his brothers there were 8 university degrees and 3 military commissions.

The real measure of this country – last I read – everyone – worldwide – hated us. But the true measure of this country? How many people are still trying to get in and become citizens?

Left or right? Attend a ceremony like this. Brings a whole new level of appreciation for what we’ve got. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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