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On the side of the highway that runs from Austin to Laredo, south side of San Antonio, there’s a taco place with a sign, “Huevos y Weiners” as a breakfast item. Never had them at that one place.

Had breakfast at Taco Haven, on S. Presa. Walked in and stood in front of the blackboard/easel, reading the daily specials. A manager/owner type hustled us towards a table. “Get the ‘Pancho Villa Plate,’ it’s Polish Sausage, Mexican gravy, and two eggs. Very good!” Sausage, eggs, gravy. Sure, why not?

The Pancho Villa Plate, special that morning, was two eggs, two healthy flour tortillas, and a sauce that looked like guisada, which it might have been, home fries and refried beans. Coffee was black, strong and extra. But good.

South Presa is a transitional neighborhood. Taco Haven proudly sports a sign outside, “This is a TACO COUNTRY.” I’m fine with that.

What was so good, what seemed odd, after I speared that first bite of “polish sausage,” stuck it in my mouth, I thought about hot dogs. Same flavor Exact same flavor – and the same texture. I mentioned “huevos con weiners” as a counterpoint.

There was something special about that breakfast, South Side Style. Confluence of cultures.

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Amazon deal: 99 Most Essential Mozart Masterpieces for, get this, $2.99.

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Means something in Mandarin, I’m so sure.

Waterloo & City Line.

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    Requiescat in pacem. I wondered what had happened to her–I used to check the kitty cam regularly. Written as only a (cat) lover could write it. What is it about that certain special one….

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