Foraging Friday

I was walking back from a library visit, and the skies had been kind of leaden. Occasionally clearing, but still, laden with moisture and promising a good rain. There’s a broad lawn, park, I suppose, I was walking through. In part, among the dead grasses, there were a few spots that were green. And on top of that, there were a shotgun blast of what I assume to be buttercups. Delicate, purple, close to the ground, not much to see, and gently fluttering in the breezes. I unlimbered a camera – cheap cameras are easy to have handy – and started taking pictures. Then I started thinking a backlit image would be so powerful with the lavender hues of the buttercup petals.

Yeah, probably not going to be there around sun-up or sun-down any time too soon. I looked up after I’d been kneeling in the lawn. Two, three, well, two blackbirds and one dusty grackle were foraging. On the other side, a few paces away, a fat squirrel was digging up a nut. Or burying one, I’m unsure. All of us? Foraging on Friday.

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