Dallas (and more)

Ever see Dallas from DC-9 at night?

Yes, well, Dallas may be a jewel, but Dallas is also like rich man with a death wish in his eye. As the song goes.

Then there’s my other observation. Too much time in Austin? Too much time hugging trees (and girls and guys – it’s a Austin influence)? There’s that Dallas fragrance.

“Entitlement: for the discerning Dallas woman.”

Smells like old money. Keeping Bad Company.

Quick turn-around to Dallas, up and back in an afternoon. Sonny Bryans Ribs. Hi Mom (Scorpio).

I have a client, he’s a single dad with a pre/post-pubescent daughter. Don’t ask because I have no idea. Last Xmas, the big deal was the phone. She wanted a certain phone and no other phone would be good enough. It was a smart-phone. I remember showing her my Apple iPhone. Wasn’t good enough for her.

I know my client loves his daughter to the point of spoiling her – and I know he’s a businessman. Kid didn’t get the phone she wanted, not because it cost too much, no, it wouldn’t work on his carrier. No AT&T iPhone, either.

Not having kids, I don’t realize how important phones are to youngsters. If I was a kid, what would I do to have a cool phone?

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