Romance Themes:
The marriage license and At the Altar.

Stood up.

Worst VD Gift ideas.

Vegas Times
Two images, one from the monorail, not sure it was worth the three bucks, but a cab ride cost three times that.

And then, requisite shot of the bride, had one with her mom, but I thought better – wasn’t entirely flattering, and I like living.

Blushing bride.

Had a piece of pizza and a piece of cake, then headed down to the Excalibur casino. Not exactly a high-quality casino in my mind. Too much theme for my tastes. However, after losing most of my money, on the way to the exit, I passed this one machine. Paid for dinner and cab fare, and the Beatles’ “Love” show.

Saddest Trip:
That lonely, oh-dark thirty cab ride to the airport. By Friday noon, I’d won over $1200 and by Friday evening? All gone. It was their money, anyway, I just left it there. Spread I around a little.

VD Note:
Turns out, not as many people are getting married in Vegas these days, this last last year? Less than 100,000 license were issued by Clark County for Vegas weddings – the minster told me that.

Business is so slow, the marriage license bureau isn’t even open 24 hour a day, now.

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  • ssmith04 Feb 14, 2009 @ 14:16

    IMHO, marriage is a Bad Idea. For sagittarius, anyway. I know a lot of them, mostly late Nov, and all of them say they are happier single (widowed, divorced, never married). Hang out together, live together–yes. Marry–no. For me, it’s an odd twinning of opposites. If I’m with you by choice, but I can leave any time, then I’ll be a loyal friend and companion. But if I’m married, I feel like I’m trapped and all I want to do is get some space.

    Jupiter in Gemini. Lots of opposites.

  • ssmith04 Feb 14, 2009 @ 14:18

    Gambling? Lots of fun. Too much fun. But no regrets, just empty pockets.

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