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The unmitigated joy of a public journal is the opportunity to opine with no factual basis at all. Recollections, as it were. In part, I was raised in the shadow of the Dr. Pepper plant, a delightful deco sculpture of a building that is no longer there. Sad waste, but then places like that, for all the beauty, they get plowed under for a new crop of fresh hell.

Progress marches on.

The original Coke ™ Bottle Shape, I’m sure that’s been covered by some kind of analysis, but that original shape was, still is, influential. Personally, I was introduced to the tall – at the time – slender and straight bottles of Dr. Pepper with the circular 10-2-4 logo. I liked that. Liked the product, in all it’s flavorful, sugary, syrupy, carbonated goodness. It was a tall bottle, to me, and while it was a straight container, it lacked the graceful and refined curves of a Coca-Cola branded shape, the stuff inside was a little better. Sweeter, to me. Turns out, one of the “secret ingredients” was, is, prune juice. Plus a secret blend of eleven herbs and spices.

In the icebox here, there’s half a case of water in bottles, a couple of sparkling bottles of water, a few Mexican cokes (Coca-Cola from Mexican bottlers), and part of a six pack of Dublin Dr. Pepper.

Side-by-side comparison? That Dr. Pepper still tastes better. However, side-by-side comparison? The Coke bottle is way more attractive.


Really, I drink so little coke these days it doesn’t matter. I prefer fresh-squeezed coffee. Stronger is bitter. Stronger is better, too.

(And you, gentle reader, thought I had destination?)

“The unique color and shape of the classic 6 1/2-ounce green Coca-Cola bottle is protected under trademark law.”
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  • ssmith04 Feb 4, 2009 @ 9:24

    clearly, you’re just grazing…

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