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ASTROFISH.NET: 100% Recycled Post-Consumer Waste

The latest and greatest craze in marketing is to advertise “green.”

ASTROFISH.NET: 100% Windtricity Powered

Jump on the craze, that was my idea. Only, it doesn’t work.

ASTROFISH.NET: certified 100% organic!

If I wanted to be any more green, I would be. There’s a problem, though, as of now, I don’t recycle my material, certainly not often enough. Be a lot easier if I did.

Therein is the issue, recycled, or not. So I’d like to be “green,” but what it amounts to? I don’t recycle – horoscopes. I left the Sagittarius scopes open for “interaction” and so far, it’s been a little spartan. It’s not that I’m tired, I’m just laying out a challenge for some. Choose your destiny. Write about it. Send it in. Publish that someplace. Then see if it’s correct – or not.

“Interactive” is the buzz word at this moment, and so far, it’s been an abysmal failure. Maybe it is all about passive interaction.

As far green goes? I live my life in a way to create as little psychic, emotional, karmic, and ecological debt as possible. Doesn’t always work and there are trade-offs. The goal. That’s what’s pure.

Recycled horoscopes? Think about that some day. There are sites that do just that.


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