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Eric asks, Where do you see god?

The last time? Laughing while playing a penny slot machine, in Vegas. Twice it happened, not a big deal, a little deal. $40 became $400 and back again. There was a split second, a moment of shared mirth, a happiness and abandon —

The “divine” was there.

In San Antonio, stretching south from the Alamo, there’s a string of missions. One I like, it’s been a holy church, probably high holy catholic, since 1755. In the middle of a summer afternoon, wander in on a work day. It was me and maybe one other guy, and he was definitely not anglo. He was doing penance, or supplications, or whatever they call that stuff. Rosary. However, in the still of the afternoon, cool inside, warm outside, there was calmness and peace.

Holy ground, I’m sure, and the outside of the buildings might be a a little ratty. Inside, the pews, the whitewashed plaster, chipped and fading, there’s calm and assuring presence. It’s a whole lot less about it being a holy catholic church, and more about humble buildings and people genuinely coming into pray, for 300 or more years.

He got up and shuffled off, best western gear, straw cowboy hat with a horsehair band, all sharp looking. Remorse, sadness, something tinged his demeanor, a feeling that clearly transcends country boundaries. He was extra dark, must’ve worked outdoors.

The “divine” was there.

In a bass boat, on a bay boat, I’m thinking, early morning experience, one time, fog on the bay itself, or on the lake, with the cool spring morning causing a fog to lift up off the lake’s still surface. To this day, one of my favorite images, I’m there with a small Large Mouth Bass, a chartreuse warm clearly visible, the worm glowing in the dark with man-made iridescence, and the boat’s night running light still up, shinning. First catch, in the oh-dark-thirty hours. Captures that feeling, that sense.

The calm of the lake, the water, the mist, the cacophony of wildlife sounds from the shore, yes.

The “divine” was there.

In the night lamp’s light, in the morning, an old lover, a few wrinkles around the lips, a smile. Wrinkles disappear and there’s a simple joy.

The “divine” was there.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!

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It’s a Virgo thing. God is in the details.

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