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Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt.

And a note from the mac side of life.

Apple Care:
I – usually – hate extended warranties. From time in and around the automotive business, the “extended warranty with undercoating” is nothing more than a cash coating for the salesman’s pocket. The only exception I’ve ever encountered is the Apple Care warranty.

I have two computers here with the extended warranty. In one case, last week, over two years before any sign of failure, and when it did happen? Covered by Apple Care. In the other example? A similar product, a high-mileage Apple PowerBook? New hard drive – installed – and a new battery – in the mail – all at no cost. That one? Had less than six months left on its extended care plan. On tht latter example? New drive and new battery? Effectively extended its useful life for another couple of years. Computer years, they’re kind of like dog years, product life cycles and all.

That one article, I do most of that already, the back-ups six ways to Easter, three ways to Wednesday, anyway. But the Apple Care, the extended serivce contract? In amost all examples, I tend to suggest against the “extended service contract and special undercoat,” but on Apple products? Been worth it so far.

Paid for itself, twice in recent memory. Three times, including that one unfortunate incident we’d all rather not talk about.

See the travel notices.

Uncommon Threads:
One T-shirt slogan I think I bantered about, one that I always liked?

Yeah, I’m weird, but in this town? Who’s to notice?

It’s just that the expression popped up time and again at the Austin show, which makes the sentiment eerily prescient for the year.

The common thread to the conversation, the areas of business that will do well? Services and trades will thrive, and the oddball, the niche market, those do well enough. Carve out a weird spot, do it well, and look for some rewards, however small, in the near future.


Buried Treasure:
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  • ssmith04 Jan 9, 2009 @ 7:55

    I wonder what his angle is. Or maybe he really did find a shipwreck, buried treasure and all that. I don’t know the area; is it so improbable? Sounds like an “entrepreneur” though. Wonder where he got the money for all the court action. That stuff’s expensive.

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