Lesson learned

The original, stated goal of this brief essay was the topic “5 tips for writing horoscopes.”

Like many of my lessons about writing, as a craft, and about the art of predictive astrology, the original destination and where I wind up are sometimes different. Intent, my intentions are pure.

My Sister was gratified to learn that I practice every day. As an “artist,” she expressed the idea that we all need to work on craft daily. She cited some epic tome, and she claimed I should do “four pages a day.” Which is what I do, but not in those terms.

Over the years, my horoscopes have grown and contracted, mutated and finally found form. Can’t say it’s a bad thing, the average scope runs a little shy of 200 words. Compared to others? Your mileage may vary.

What I do?

1. Spin up some charts. Calculate – or have your computer – calculate the astrology charts for the time frame. Best place to start. Real charts with real calculation, the math, it isn’t always fun, but there’s a rhythm and magic therein.

2. Pick a significant astrological (astronomical) event. Or several events. Or look at the phase of the moon. Time and tide waits for no one.

3. Squeeze the essence of the event into metaphor.

4. Relate that in such a manner that other folks can catch the drift.

5. Publish regularly. Say for 15 years or more? It’s really easy. Nothing beats hanging it out for public scrutiny.

More about the oracular nature of the work is here and here.

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