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Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

I feel like a kid careening down the hill in an undisclosed-type of a wheeled-conveyance, lacking lateral, directional stability. I changed up the lecture series and that bombed miserably. Not that I care too much, I was trying to do something to keep me interested. What I found it was time to address the Mercury concerns. Not a good time launch something new, unless, of course, Mercury is retrograde in the natal chart – that changes the whole outlook.

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Mercury Retrograde, come on, the guidelines for this year, I put them at the beginning of the Xmas Horoscopes, but that’s the first one we start with. Mercury backs down from a position in an Air Sign (this week is Aquarius – an Air Sign) to a late point in Capricorn, before this is all said and done with. Capricorn – dirt sign.

The symbolism should be apparent – the element air, the starting point? Air, like thought process. Up in the air?

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Mercury goes around the sun approximately every 88 days. Takes us a year, so that’s about three, maybe three and half into our year. Planets tend to move in the same direction as the Moon, only not as swift. When Mercury, as the conductor of commerce, appears to stall and moves in pattern not consistent with the early understanding of observed phenomena, this is Mercury in Retrograde.

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Patterns emerge, too. Like taking the concepts and plans and anchoring those ideals, which is what this is all about.

The other afternoon, I was chatting up my (Scorpio) mother. She complaining about my horoscopes and then, complaining that Mercury was retrograde. I pointed out that the meaning of this pattern, especially now, since she’s a water sign? It has nothing to do with her, personally. Too much. All it means is that there was something she should’ve looked after before, only she didn’t. At that moment, in our conversation, she was headed into the garage to find some long-lost paperwork she needed to finish dealing with the my father’s will.

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Something she should’ve dealt with before, and – for whatever reason – she hadn’t done yet.

That’s what Mercury Retrograde is about.

Another thought came to mind and this ties into that whole “Secret” thing, the bland little book about the law of attraction. The point is, looking for bad things to happen? Is there a conscious willing of events to turn sour?

A common occurrence, from my perspective? I just started pulling this material together, but it makes more sense, as this is a typical expression, “I knew it was going to fail. Figures it would happen when Mercury is retrograde.”

Why I never set the bar too high, no outrageous expectations, no big let down.

I know I’ve written about this before, but one year, when Mercury was backwards like this, I was preparing some promotional material, a postcard mailing for the minimalist mailing list I maintain. Seemed to be the most effective marketing I’ve ever used. While it was good? I printed up a hundred with the wrong date for an event. Way it goes.

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One of my favorite example of what to do when Mercury is retrograde? Pay attention, I’m an astrologer, I live by this stuff, guided by stars, Fishing Guide to the Stars, hello? Anyway, I cease working on new material. I don’t write anything new that I get paid for. Doesn’t mean I stop writing, doesn’t mean I stop altogether, I just don’t work on new stuff for pay.

However, I have a little side project – where you’re reading this – and that’s something I can explore when Mercury is retrograde. Long-winded explorations in text. Myth, metaphor, metaphysics all mashed up.

So dealing with a Mercury retrograde? Lowered expectations, not so much “new stuff” as more – like I suggests in the scopes? Covering material that was previously covered.


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  • ssmith04 Jan 12, 2009 @ 10:17

    Good entry. Put it directly into my collection of “keepers” to be re-visited as needed. Myth, metaphor, metaphysics all mashed up–you might add humor (mirth is in keeping with the alliteration) to the list, as well.

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