Ignoring the alarm clock

My friend Grace has a couple of her kids still at home, the last of the family, one’s in college and the littlest, affectionately dubbed, “Mini-Me.” The college-aged one, she and I share some Shakespeare chatter. What I don’t get, she let’s her alarm go off for hours before she gets out of bed. Another reason to sleep in the trailer.

I’ve seen this behavior in a number of places in a wide variety of people. I don’t quite understand it. When the alarm goes off, doesn’t that mean it’s time to get up and go to work (school, date, lunch, dinner, whatever)?

Apparently not. “When it goes off,” one buddy was explaining, “I can then sleep for ten more minutes.”


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  • ssmith04 Jan 26, 2009 @ 7:27

    I quite agree. If you have to have the damned thing wake you up (and it is an invention of the devil), once with that evil sound is enough. It would ruin my morning to have it go off twice, so I get up when it goes off. Better yet, I usually wake before it makes that nasty noise (thanks to cats), and then I can turn it off and continue enjoying the p & q of the early morning.

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