Xmas tune

It was a cowboy crooner, singing in that sad, down on his luck way with a very sonorous voice. Sad.

“I’ll be stoned for Christmas.”

Or funny.

Folk Art:
Maybe a different head, “Artist Unknown?”

I’v linked here before, but it’s a favorite image, Virgen de Guadalupe.

What heightens my appreciation for that one piece? The building it was on, I got that picture several years ago, but the building has been “redone,” perhaps not in a flattering light, and the empty shell is now three “loft-style” apartments. Condominiums. Expensive, very expensive real estate.

Why that art means so much – to me: rent asunder to make way for “progress.”

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  • ssmith04 Dec 24, 2008 @ 9:56

    An ongoing happening here in Los Angeles. Some of our street artists are truly artists and their works, covering a wall or bridge abutment or whatever, things of beauty, finely wrought, taking days to complete. The city has protected a few of them, in the sense that the Department of Public Works leaves them alone, but grafitti vandals hit them and deface them. One artist goes back time and again to refurbish her pieces, but the others are still covered in gang signs, sad to say, the gang of the same neighborhood from which the artist emerged in the first place. Perhaps he’s afraid to repaint, since he’d cover up gang signs, a capital offense in East L.A.

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