“There are lies, damn lies and statistics.”

(That’s in my Pink Cake, which is a commonplace book.)

I’m still wrestling with one day in November, a day when there was nothing happening, as near as I can tell, other than a huge spike in traffic. Like sixty percent of the traffic for the whole month occurred that one day. I did a little cyber-stalking, but I couldn’t find a discernible pattern.

The way the web account was set up, my account was originally limited to 5 gigabytes of bandwidth (through-put) and leaned down, the page was doing fine. As bandwidth prices fell, the standard account now gets 30 gigs, and one day, last month, I was pushing that limit. Again, no apparent source. Not a single cause, just a lot of folks on a Monday. I guess.

No advertising lined up, no big deal, the end of Scorpio, but who cares? Just an anomaly, I’ll guess.

un ad

This is NOT a photo-op.

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  • ssmith04 Dec 6, 2008 @ 13:24

    I followed a link which led to another web page, which linked to another…the usual story…until I came across this blogger in Amarillo, Texas. Know him?

    His disquisition upon Nyquil was pretty funny.

    Later, y’all.

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