One Thing

Piper Sandals.
I can’t find the entry, not now. It’s either in the deep archives, or I’ve got to dig deeper, and I’m not really ready to do that. Not today. I tried digging and couldn’t find it. I thought the reason we used computers was to make looking up stuff easier. Not more difficult.

The metaphor, the allegory, is a pair of sandals I’ve had for a long time, Piper Sandals. Hand-made in San Antonio, TX.

In the interest of full disclosure, Piper Sandals, Dave and crew, none of them has offered me free sandals, free resole, no discount, nothing. This isn’t a paid product endorsement. Not that I’m above graft and corruption, hardly, just this isn’t an example of that kind of pandering. It’s about doing one thing well. And sticking to that one thing. That thing can be a widget, to borrow from age-old B-school chatter, or it can be sandals.

When I first encountered Dave, and when I bought my first pair, it was all about one style, one design. Came in either brown or black, although, I’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two styles, not after a year of wear. The straps were either brown or black, and that was about it. Not much in the choices. Binary, not that anyone could tell. I think I might have brown, or black, I can’t tell anymore. My tendency at the time would’ve been black.

With the inter-web, and whatnot, a few years later, Piper Sandals branched out to include a second style. Only took, what, 35 years? The second style was just like the first, only as a slip-on. And these days? There’s a rainbow of colors. But for that first 30, maybe 35 years? As far as I know? One style, one design.

The key? Do one thing well.

Doesn’t hurt – at all – that the founder and patriarch, Dave Piper, he likes what he’s doing. Last time I spoke with him, his family and so on, the work was enjoyable, and each year, when I get mine resoled? I got a personal, handwritten note, thanking me, punctuated with “Walk well.”

I’ve visited the Piper World Headquarters, oddly enough on a street with the same name, and the business, the workshop? Talk about a garage business? That’s where the main production facility was located when I last visited. On Piper Lane or something.

Find that one love, that single calling. Do one thing and do it well. Do it for love, too. Now, more than ever, is that evident.

I have, in my career over the last dozen years, written daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes. I happen to like the weekly version best. Enough room to play with an idea, and not as mechanical as a daily. It’s what I enjoy the most.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!

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Xmas Eve:
There’s something magical about church on Xmas eve. A sense of hope pervades the air. A scent of fir, candle wax, grandmothers, and expected crying baby? All that and much, much more.

I’m along for the ride. The historical Jesus and the Christmas pageant share a name and not much else. The wreaths, the Advent Wreath with candles at four Cardinal corners? Fir trees erected, Northern European traditions that predate Christianity?

All good – makes them happy – I’m not much on the medium but I like the message.