Dear Lord…

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One line, single video link: Satan’s Bee Keepers.

Dear Lord….
I just know I was a preacher in a former life. Have to have been. Recently, too. I have such an ingrained aversion to others with that stentorian tone, and yet, I do it frequently. Although, I’ve tried to do the “three minute astrology” thing for the video, doesn’t always work.

Which is more clear, easier to read? white background or black background?

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Seems that the Storm sucks. Compared to the hot-selling Apple I’ve got. It’s just too bad that AT&T gave me such miserable customer service, the only problem. When I’m talking with my sister, there are times when the calls get dropped.

“AT&T, most dropped calls.”

That review cited, it was about the hardware. Have to admit, that’s the question, build good product, refine it, and make it the best, or spend a lot of money on marketing an ill-conceived product instead of R&D?

Reminds me of Apple’s first foray into phones, the short, unhappy life of the Moterola Rocker. Or something.

Or horoscopes. Build them good enough? Long enough to cover the subject and short enough to keep it interesting?

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  • ssmith04 Dec 8, 2008 @ 7:46

    Ohgawd, whisky foxtrot tango, indeed (been a long time since I’ve heard that)–presidential campaigns/polls/speeches there ought to be sanctions/embargo/laws. Give us a break, willya?

    Black background, definitely. Much classier, too.

    I’ve always thought I was a fruit bat in my former incarnation. I’ll leave it to your imagination why.

    Yeah, you do have a certain cant to your video rants, but it’s not righteous or pompous–well, maybe a little. But you’re a Sag, after all, you’re right and you know it. Gotta cut you some slack.

  • ssmith04 Dec 8, 2008 @ 7:57

    Ah, fubar. I shouldn’t post at 5:45 in the morning…whisky tango foxtrot, indeed.

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