Success and Failure

Or Failure and success?

There are “learning experiences” and then, just trials and tribulations.

Just in time for the holidays: a coffee table type book. Images culled from past, present and future postings at the side project. Just a picture book. No words.

The “success or failure” question was about the process of building the book, culling images from literally thousands of samples. What did I like best? What represented a proper timeline to me? Past, present, future?

What images intrigued me? What catches the visual irony of the land? Then, too, there’s the question of quality of print. And so on.

Took three tries, but that’s where it stands.

What the heck, I think I’ll go fishing.

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  • ssmith04 Nov 13, 2008 @ 12:19

    Over the years, I have become very tired of the situation where a concern is raised and people say, “It’s a learning experience.” Hell, I’ve learned about it, now fix it already. What irks me is that the saying is dismissive; if it’s a learning experience, you are supposed to adjust to it and don’t bother me about fixing it. Just learn your lesson. Bruxism abounds.

  • Kramer Nov 13, 2008 @ 15:54

    Hence the title.

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