Feeding and fish

Wrapped up a day of hard work in Austin by going to Threadgill’s (North Lamar). Haven’t been there in a week or two, so it seems. However, I was meeting some fiends, then it’s one of those happy times, happy place.

“What are you getting?”
“They still have an orgy?”
“Tossed salad?”
“No, it was black and blue.”
“Let me get this straight, first an orgy and then black and blue.”
“No, I’m getting ‘Black and Blue,’ I can’t do an orgy any more, might not even be on the menu.”

Maybe it was funnier there. An “Orgy” used to be every vegetable in the list on one plate. “Black and Blue,” my current favorite, is really “Black and Bleu,” which is blackened strip steak with bleu cheese crumbled over a Caesar-like salad.

Saw the man behind Austin Blogger and his blushing writer wife. Didn’t get much a of chance to talk, as I was previously engaged.

Outside, under the cooly Austin night, in the back parking lot, up high, there’s a sign: “Let’s go fishing.”

Year-end close out:
That’s it, all gone now. No more product on hand. No more books to tote around, nothing but astrology charts and on-the-fly audio files.

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  • ssmith04 Nov 24, 2008 @ 19:21

    I thought the funniest part of this entry was the part about “fiends” though “cooly” runs a close second.

  • Kramer Nov 24, 2008 @ 19:53

    yeah, you know, quick hot postings.

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