Chili Pottery

Prison friends. Like, I don’t have enough prison friends. At least, not anymore, but that’s a different question. It’s really about marketing.

I was at an outdoor market, festival, some sort of arts and crafts event. Of which, there is never any shortage, although, looking around, I don’t want anymore dust collectors. I’ve got more than I need now. I am looking for another fishing pole, but I think I’ll take my time on that selection.

The only item I snagged at that outdoor festival, or whatever it was, what I wound up with, it’s a business card. For years, I’ve always maintained that my business card is the single most effective piece of marketing that I’ve got. The card I picked up was for “Texas Chili Pottery.” That, in and of itself, that’s really no big deal. Some retired guy, be my guess, makes pottery and fires it in a backyard kiln, again, just a guess, and this is an old hobby that’s allowed a modicum of travel and money-making.

Texas Chili Pottery since 1987.
Use the backwards R and B together, make it a brand.

Little barb wire around the edge of the card, as a Texas cattle country decoration.

The tricky part, what I liked? Flip that card over, and there’s a recipe for “Chili con Carne (Colorado)” on the backside. Not, I might add, a lot different from my recipe.

I thought it was particularly clever marketing.

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  • ssmith04 Nov 21, 2008 @ 18:32

    If I were a graphics designer, I’d make you business cards–you’d have to carry around 4 packs. On front of all of them the KW brand, Fishing Guide to the Stars, the usual stuff.

    On the back, one for fire signs, one for earth signs, one for water signs, one for air signs. The one for fire signs would be something like this:

    Aries–self starter, energetic, leader
    Leo–politician, self-confident, proud
    Sagittarius–optimist, philosopher, independent

    Or some such thing. Then, as you seem to do on a regular basis, you find out the sign of the person you’re talking to, you give them a business card based on the element of their sun sign.

    What do you think?

  • Kramer Nov 21, 2008 @ 21:51

    Excellent concept but I like the idea of chili recipe, too.

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